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Schpog and me as Doctor and Donna on the Day Of The Doctor at the ITEM SHOP!

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While playing in the grass Cosplayer Fluttershy was stung by an insect and was in strong pain (it was a hornet or something), Rainbow Dash took her an carried her for a while and went with her to the medics. I found it adorable and touching, so I filmed a part of it.

poor baby….

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Schpog and Misscherry as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy <3. Sadly I was so stressed that I haven’t taken many pictures of them ;_;. I feel bad, because they look so awesome, especially together. And Schpogs new RD!Hairstyle is just smashing, woooo.

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Glasmond at Galacon - Some pictures!
Greetings to all those lovely bronies! Even though it was WAY too hot, I had a great time and I surely will be back next year!

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Schpog as humanized Rainbow Dash! (You can see AJ in her glasses, haha) 

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Cosplay Fun With Friends - My Little Pony, Assassin’s Creed, DC and sexy shenanigans! 

great great great great video by Glasmond
With me as Rainbow Dash, Kon-Elle, The Doctor and Ezio!

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Some more My Little Pony Cosplay snapshots!

(Cosplayers: Fluttershy | Braeburn | Pinkie Pie | Rainbow Dash)

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(Cosplayers: Rainbow Dash | Applejack)

Let’s see who’ll win with applebucking, Rainbow Dash

PFAHAHA yeah sure thing, gal

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